Seeking the Spirit Within

An Invitation

If you’re like me, you consider yourself a spiritual seeker. But at the same time, you may not be happy with the answers to life’s big questions most religious traditions offer—especially those traditions that claim a single truth for everyone. After all, over 100 billion people have lived on this planet. How could any single spiritual path be the right one for everyone?

findyourpathDiscerning one’s own spiritual path may, in fact, be one of the most important things a person can do. It’s hard to do alone, though. I speak from experience here. As a spiritual seeker, I’ve explored a variety of approaches to deepening my spiritual life. But it wasn’t until I started seeing a spiritual director on a regular basis that my spiritual wanderings began to get some…direction.

Spiritual direction has helped me find new meaning and purpose in my life. It’s helped me develop everyday spiritual practices that I’ve been able to stick with (mostly). And perhaps most importantly, spiritual direction help me rediscover my passion for life—this life, with all of its beauty, its joy, and yes, its sorrow and its pain.

Maybe you’re looking for a closer relationship with the source of being. Maybe you’re facing a big decision in your life and you want a listening presence with you during the process. Or maybe you’re ready to get serious about living a life that’s truly aligned to your highest aspirations.

Whatever the reason, you may want to consider spiritual direction. As a certified spiritual director, I’m here to help create a sacred space for you—whether we’re meeting face-to-face or virtually—a sacred space where you can discern how the Holy is moving in your life, and more importantly, how you can respond to it.

I’m currently accepting a limited number of new face-to-face and online directees. Just visit my Contact page to find out how to make an appointment. The first session is always complementary.

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