What Is Spiritual Direction?

An ancient practice, grounded in relationship.

Three chairs. It’s the basic images for the art of spiritual direction: one for the directee, one for the director, and one for the true spiritual director.

three-chairsGod, the Holy, the Ground of Being—it is this Ultimate Reality, this Source of All with whom the directee seeks to have a closer relationship.

For many, that relationship is richer when witnessed by someone committed to patience, deep listening, and prayerful reflection.

Spiritual direction is an opening of ordinary time and space, making room for the seeker to explore life’s big questions in the presence of a spiritual companion.

Who am I?
Where did I come from?
Where am I going?
What am I here to do?

The seeker…the companion…the Mystery—together in the sacred space of curiosity and respect.

Curiosity about the movement of the Divine in the life of the seeker. Respect for the holy ground that is the seeker’s spiritual life.

This ancient art of spiritual direction has much to offer individuals in the 21st century: it can renew a person’s sense of purpose and reinvigorate  their passion for life.

Rabbi Rami Shapiro says this about spiritual direction:

Spiritual direction at its best is the practice of looking at your life without the distorting lenses of “isms” or ideologies, seeing what is true in and of itself, and learning to engage life justly and with compassion. Despite the title, a spiritual director doesn’t direct your life but helps you discern the direction toward which a well-examined life is calling you.

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